Negative Effects of Improper Rubbish Removal

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Negative Effects of Improper Rubbish Removal

Negative Effects of Improper Rubbish Removal

11 October 2018
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There are millions of tonnes of rubbish generated throughout Australia, and a majority of this waste is disposed of improperly. This bizarre practice is the leading cause of pollution, and sadly, people continue to embrace it. Both the government and environmental experts have termed this as a national concern because it poses a threat to not only the environment but also human health. For this reason, the government and other stakeholders have established management regulations and hefty fees to those who violate these laws. However, how do you know when you are disposing of waste improperly, and what are the effects of this act?

Air Pollution

This is perhaps the most common effect of improper rubbish removal, and it can cause problems with climate change. When you remove rubbish improperly, it can release odours, which can greatly affect the health and hygiene of people who live nearby.  When you dispose of rubbish anyhow, it attracts houseflies, rodents and even cockroaches. These creatures can contaminate your food, which can make you sick, and produce more dangerous odours which pollute the air even more, leading to severe health effects.

Soil contamination

Another effect of improper waste removals is soil contamination. Most rubbish ends up in landfills. Here, they release a toxic chemical that penetrates the soil. A good example is a plastic; when they break down, they excrete a toxic compound called DEHA, which causes liver dysfunction. Soil contamination is dangerous to plants, animals and human beings. Therefore, it is crucial that you take recycling into consideration. Metals, plastics, electronic and paper wastes can easily be recycled. If you take your time to sort out your recyclable wastes and take them to a recycling centre, it can help avoid soil contamination.

Water contamination through improper rubbish removal

While water is a good solvent, it can easily dissolve dangerous chemical. When water is moving, it collects particles and gases along the way. Water can easily mix with deadly liquid compounds and get into water streams and in water bodies. Therefore, your pond, fountain, lake and tap water is prone to the dangers of contamination.

Proper rubbish removal is extremely important, and it is your responsibility because you suffer and benefit from it in different ways. There should be special waste management education to everyone, irrespective of economic and social status. Therefore, the next time you are disposing rubbish from your home, think about these effects and do what is right.

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