Taking Out the Former Tenant Trash: What to Do With Rubbish Left Behind

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Taking Out the Former Tenant Trash: What to Do With Rubbish Left Behind

Taking Out the Former Tenant Trash: What to Do With Rubbish Left Behind

9 August 2017
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When you purchase a new home or are renting a new apartment, it is always a good idea to check it in person before moving in. Likewise, if you are letting out your property and the tenants are soon to be moving out, you would be wise to inspect the property before your tenants up and leave. However, sometimes it just isn't possible due to other commitments. In these cases, you are forced to trust the word of your tenant. Unfortunately, some former tenants may leave your property swimming in rubbish.

If you have new tenants soon to be moving in or you were hoping to start moving your furniture into your new place soon, you may be more than a little bit deflated right now. Though you probably can't do anything from a legal standpoint, at least not without spending a lot of money, you can arrange for quick disposal of your newly acquired rubbish.

If You Are New to the Area, Ask Your Removalists

You can't begin placing your furniture and possessions into your new home unless the rubbish is cleared. Fortunately, your removalists may be able to help you. Removalists and rubbish removal services may often encounter each other as they enter and leave properties. This is especially true if they operate in the same area.

Ask your movers if they know of any rubbish removal services in the area. You might be surprised to find that they do. Some removalists even offer rubbish removal as part of their service!

Hire a Skip

The chances are that you were going to do some renovation anyway. After all, a new start needs a new paint job. This gives you the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Instead of hiring a rubbish removal service, do skip bin hire. Hiring a skip bin for a day or two will not only give you a place to dispose of unwanted household trash, but also somewhere to dispose of the mess you might make while renovating. In addition, you may also want to dispose of unwanted packing materials and boxes that would otherwise take up valuable space. 

Although nobody wants to have to clean up after someone else, you have little choice, so why not turn this unfortunate situation into one that can benefit you? Hire a skip bin or rubbish removal service and give yourself the cleanest possible start to your upcoming adventure.

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