Skip Bin Fires: What You Need to Do to Prevent Them

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Skip Bin Fires: What You Need to Do to Prevent Them

Skip Bin Fires: What You Need to Do to Prevent Them

9 June 2016
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While a fire in a skip bin is an unlikely occurrence, you should still take the necessary steps to stop it from happening. So what do you need to do to stop your rented skip bin from becoming a flaming mess?

Prohibited Material

While skip bins can be a great way to get rid of the majority of your junk, you must remember that it's not appropriate to dispose of some household items in the bin. The bin hire company should have provided you with a list of prohibited materials, and this will include any flammable items. Old petrol or oil cans as well as many types of cleaning agents, solvents, and even paint cannot be placed into a skip bin. Non-recyclable items will be sent to landfill, and it can be a violation of your local council by-laws to dispose of these toxic and flammable items in a skip bin. Ask your bin hire company if you're unsure. If you have a number of flammable items to get rid of, you should ask the bin hire company if they have any options for disposing of these things.

Hot Items

Do not place anything hot inside the skip bin. This can include charcoal from a backyard BBQ, ash from your fireplace, or the contents of an ashtray. Allow these items to completely cool down before disposing of them in the skip bin. Ash does not need to go into a skip bin at all. You can disperse this ash over your garden, since it's extremely effective when it comes to aerating the soil. Even cigarette ash is effective, and the tiny remnants of nicotine will actually act as a pesticide.

A Covered Bin

You might want to rent a bin with a lid. This can be particularly important during bushfire season or during a fire warning. It's not a complete guarantee, but a covered skip bin has more protection against flaming embers than an uncovered skip bin.

Placement of the Bin

If space permits, you should try to place the skip bin away from your home. This can stop any fire from spreading to your home should the contents of the bin catch on fire. This means you should also position it away from any sheds or fences if possible. A somewhat isolated skip bin means that any fire can be more easily contained.

So while a fire in your rented skip bin is always rather unlikely, there are a number of things you can do to even further decrease the chances of it happening.

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