When You Might Consider a Skip Hire for Home

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When You Might Consider a Skip Hire for Home

When You Might Consider a Skip Hire for Home

1 March 2016
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A skip hire is somewhat common when you're planning a project that involves tearing down or tearing out part of your home; they make it easier to collect trash that you cannot put by the curb and to keep your home neat and clean during the work. However, tearing off a roof is not the only time when you might want to consider a skip hire for home. Note when they can be very useful and how they can make certain projects easier on you overall.

1. Spring cleanup of your yard

If you're ready to give your yard a thorough cleaning in the spring, a skip bin hire is a good choice. Rather than trying to bag up all the leaves and twigs after raking, along with the old flowerbeds and mulch you might tear up, you can simply dump everything in a skip bin. Using the bin also gives you space to toss old tree branches if you're ready to do some trimming, and smaller items like pickets from an old wood fence that also need to be tossed out. 

2. When adding to your home

You may only think of getting a skip hire for when you're tearing up floorboards, pulling down walls, and the like. However, note that most new construction projects including add-ons create a lot of waste because they involve trimming boards and beams for the frame of a new room, the drywall for the interior walls, and so forth. This waste or excess material can be very difficult to bag up and simply put by the curb, but if you hire a skip bin, you can easily toss in all the extra material and debris that is created by adding a new extension, deck, and so on.

3. When you want to recycle any items

Are you planning a home demolition or renovation project and want to ensure that items get recycled rather than simply tossed in a landfill? If so, you can usually hire a green bin that is used specifically for recycling household items. The bin hire company will take old wood items like cupboards and cabinets, glass from windows, mirrors, stone from floor tiles, and other such items and then ensure that they're recycled and reused rather than simply thrown away. You might also rent a recycling bin for when you want to toss old furniture and appliances, as these too can often be recycled and a bin company can handle this for you.

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