Strategies to Help Keep an Office Clean When Using Rental Skip Bins

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Strategies to Help Keep an Office Clean When Using Rental Skip Bins

Strategies to Help Keep an Office Clean When Using Rental Skip Bins

1 March 2016
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Your office should be kept clean and tidy at all times, as it is the place where you transact business with clients. Hiring trash bins is a nice way to help keep your office looking neat and tidy. However, you may not get the most benefit out of these bins because of poor waste management. If you have opted to hire skip bins for your office, here is a number of waste-handling tips you should encourage your staff to follow so as to help keep the office looking well-organized.

Don't allow disposal of food items into the bins. 

Have you ever seen a notice warning people not to carry food stuffs inside the office? Perhaps you have or maybe you haven't, but it is for good reason. When people dispose of cooked pasta, fruit, sandwiches, etc. in waste bins provided at the office and leave them hanging there for a while, bad odors will come from the bins as the food items gradually begins to decay. It is thus important to instruct all your employees to have their meals in the cafeteria or other designated eating areas and discard food leftovers in the bins placed there. This will help reduce the menace of inviting cockroaches, rats and other pests inside into your work space.

Encourage employees to empty the bins regularly.

Having a pile of trash sitting next to your employee's office desk looks extremely unprofessional. Leaving skip bins filled with litter lying around the office can give customers and clients the impression that your employees are disorganized and they care little about their work. For that reason, you should encourage staff members to empty the trash in their office bins into collection bins placed outside the premises every day. You can even send automatic email reminders to each employee to inform when it is time to take out the trash. This way, overfilled trash bins will no longer be a source of irritation for your clients.

Put offenders on notice.

If you have routine wrongdoers who just can't seem to follow the set trash disposal rules, you should devise a mechanism of naming and shaming them. This will let all employees be aware that you are very serious about proper utilization of the available trash bins. The names of those who still carry food substances with them into the workplace or forget to take out their trash can be posted on a public notice board to put them to shame.

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